Smart Homes: Not Too Distant Reality

Amit Bhatia, CIO, Jaquar Group | Tuesday, 20 August 2019, 04:25 IST

Amit Bhatia, Cio, Jaquar GroupToday ‘Homes’ are not just enclosure of four walls made of Bricks and Mortars. But they have become ‘Intelligent’ and ‘Smart’. These ‘Smart Homes’ comprise of appliances and devices that actually communicate with user. Let’s explore the concept of ‘Smart Homes’ in more details.

What is a ‘Smart Home’?

Smart Home is gaining lots of popularity in Real Estate sector in recent years. So, what do you mean by ‘Smart Home’? Smart Home, also called Home Automation or Domotics, is a technology that is being implemented to provide comfort, convenience, energy saving, and security to the homeowners. The Smart Home comprises of various devices and appliances that are usually controlled from smartphones. These smartphones are configured with a smart home app that actually controls the devices and appliances as installed in the Smart Home.

The Smart Home system is built on the internet of things (IoT). This enables devices and appliances to operate together, sharing consumer usage data among themselves and automating actions based on the homeowners' preferences.

Every devices and appliances being used in a ‘Normal Home’ has its ‘Smart Home’ alternative. Here we are going to explore some conventional and unconventional ‘Smart Home’ devices and appliances.

“With the focus on comfort, energy saving and pollution free environment by customers, more and more Real Estate developers are incorporating Intelligent devices and appliances in their housing Projects”

Smart Lighting System

Lights are an important component of any Home. Now Lighting solutions as implemented in Smart Homes are auto-adjustable to Condition and Occupancy in the building. For example, Occupancy sensors installed in the Smart Homes can switch on or off the lights automatically based on whether any persons are present or not in the area. Similarly Light sensors can adjust the brightness of indoor lighting based on the amount of available ambient light i.e. how bright/dark it is (also called daylight connection).

Furthermore, the Smart Lights can also be manually controlled from smartphones. The user can switch on/off lights; dim/brighten the lights; etc. all from their smartphones.

Smart Air Conditioning

The main objectives of installing Smart Airconditioning technology is to improve the comfort conditions of its occupants, reduce energy expenses and also put lessen workload on facilities staff. But what is Smart Airconditioning? The Smart Air-conditioning, like other Smart Technologies, has sensor embedded within it and is integrated with the home automation system. These sensors monitor temperature, humidity, air velocities, presence of occupants in the house and based on the data received from the sensors fine-tune them to optimize comfort while reducing energy consumption. For example, if there is no person in a room, the ‘Smart Air-conditioner’ will automatically get switched off. These devices also record the owner’s behavior and adjust its settings accordingly to provide maximum comfort and efficiency. These ‘Smart Air-conditioners’ also tracks energy use and remind the same to the user also.

Like the Smart Lighting System, these Smart Airconditioners can also be operated by house owners through their configured smartphones. Using the smartphones, the owners can switch on/off, increase/ decrease temperature of the Smart Air-conditioners even from remote locations like from Office.

Smart Bathroom Products

Today ‘Smart Appliances’ are not restricted to Living or Dining or Kitchen space only. They have infiltrated into Bathrooms too. Some Smart Bathroom solutions are provided below.

Sensor Faucets

Faucets with technology that allows water to flow only when you need it and shuts it as soon as you move your hands away, resulting in zero wastage of water. There’s no better way to save water than when you don’t need it e.g., while washing hands with soap, you can save water when lathering. These Sensor Taps are commonly used in high traffic areas like restaurants, clubs, hotels, colleges, hospitals, airports etc.

Shower tonic

The electronic, thermostatic and flow static mixer that's the best thing to ever happen to showering! Artize Showertronic iV6 is an intelligent water mixer system, which automatically maintains the water temperature and flow rate during showering. At the touch of a fingertip on the high-durability, waterproof touchpad, you can choose your shower mode, control the temperature, and manage water flow.

Smart Soap Dispenser

Smart soap dispensers (also known as touchless or automatic soap dispensers) dispense a measured amount of soap solution. They are often used in combination with Smart faucets in public restrooms. They function to conserve the soap quantity used and also reduce the transmission of infectious disease.

Smart Water Closet (WC)

Not only Faucets, today we have even Smart WCs. These WCs that add intelligence to sanitaryware, and offers unmatched convenience, cleanliness and hygiene.

Some significant features are:

• Remote control operated water closet

• Dual wash function for front and rear

• Warm air dryer after wash

• Adjustable water flow and temperature

• Adjustable seat temperature

• Adjustable (need based) nozzle positioning

• Nozzle oscillation for complete cleaning

• Anti bacterial seat and wash nozzles

• Auto flush

• Deodorizer

• Night light

• Multi functional knob for washing, massage, flushing and drying

• Smart safety alarm

• Option of washing and flushing without power


With the focus on comfort, energy saving and pollution free environment by customers, more and more Real Estate developers are incorporating Intelligent devices and appliances in their housing Projects. Thus, we can say that Smart Homes are now not any Dream or a Scifi movie scene, but is not too distant reality.

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