Blaze Automation: Future Proofing your Home

Sridhar Ponugupati, CEO

There was a time when a strong deadbolt was the end-all be-all of home security. But times have changed. Rapid innovations in the home security space – both globally and locally offer residents access to an array of smart hardware and software solutions to keep their environs safe and secure. “Connected objects, sensors, voice assistants, AI and chatbots are revolutionizing the way users experience their homes. Home is no longer a passive domicile but an active care taker of its user”, comments Sridhar Ponugupati, CEO at Blaze Automation. Headquartered in New Jersey, with an R&D Centre in Hyderabad, Blaze Automation has a vision for smart home technology helping users stay in control of their home safety, comfort and more conscious of their environment through efficient usage of energy and resources. The company is an IoT based smart home domain player that has been offering top notch home comfort and safety solutions.

The IP accumulated over a decade of service in the smart home technology market, has been consolidated by Blaze into their flagship called ‘B.One’. Having invested the last 2 years in intense research and development, Blaze Automation has created this intelligent IoT platform with a brilliant ecosystem that is easy to use and future ready. B.One is a smart and intelligent home automation and security system which delivers on the promise of making life more efficient, enjoy able and secure.

All things – B.One
Blaze Automation leveraged all major wireless platforms in the likes of Z-Wave, Zigbee, BLE, Wi-Fi and Infrared to build B.One Hub. B.One
Hub is a universal gateway for all the disparate technologies and extensive wireless protocols integrating over 200 products manufactured by Google, Amazon, Honeywell, GE, Leviton, Philips, Aeotec and others to seamlessly work with each other. This allows clients to choose a product and manufacturer of the client’s choice, which is affordable and relevant to them and install into the B.One ecosystem. For instance, B.One's Voice Act harnesses existing AI for smart homes by creating skills for Amazon and Google to instruct Alexa and Google Home in commanding and controlling B.One connected smart home devices.

" Blaze Automation leveraged all major wireless platforms in the likes of Z-Wave, Zigbee, BLE, Wi-Fi and Infrared to build B.One Hub "

Likewise, B.One’s Chatbots are hosted on widely used messenger platforms like Facebook and Line Messenger Apps to facilitate chatting with homes while away. B.One Chatbots allows users to control and monitor their Homes through existing messenger platforms without having to open generic APPs. While energy management forms the vertebrae of any smart home system, not many solutions in the market are built on a sophistication factor that allows the user to understand the metrics and take action accordingly. B.One Energy Manager provides the home owner with detailed insights into the energy consumption and production patterns via an intuitive user interface. It helps the home owner achieve the energy saving goals by automating electrical appliances as well.

Blaze Automation has established their foothold in India, Japan, Australia and USA markets. Further, the company is set to extend to EMEA markets by the end of 2018. Working on their innovation capabilities, Blaze is calibrating their proprietary AI driven ‘InstinctAct’ platform that learns the user's daily habits and intuitively responds to their needs. With such awe striking product portfolios in smart home domain, the CEO vision to become the top Indian consumer electronic product company for the world market is just round the corner.