Digilux: Bringing the Wonders of Home Automation to the Common Man

CIO Vendor Few years ago, there was a global installed base of only 4 million smart home devices such as garage door operators, electronic locks, thermostats, light bulbs and appliances. Today, the installed base of smart home devices is estimated to be around 165 million devices worldwide. Contributing a major share to this, through the Indian market, is Bangalore headquartered Digilux. Digilux partners with Dimension Digital Controlls Private Limited (DDCPL). Established by Padamraj K Bagrecha, a home automation and Audio-video solution industry expert, DDCPL is one of India’s earliest System Integrators’ in the field of E Security & Surveillance, Home Automation, Audio Video Solutions and Custom High End Home Theatre Solutions. Having entered the market in 2000s and operating for 15 years now, the leaders at DDCPL have learnt about the difficulties of System Integrators and short comings of the Automation Brands prevalent in the industry and the increasing impact of IoT platform. This led the company to join hands with Digilux- the home automation system.

Digilux is designed to integrate with IoT platform, and energy monitoring to data analysis of devices & feedback. In future there will be intimations of predictive upcoming problems of devices using certain mechanisms, which will help to maintain and service devices physically and remotely well in advance. Digilux consists of touch
based Switch Control System with Remote, Gateway for Smart Phone Control, IR & RS232 Controller for 3rd party devices control, RGB Controller, Energy Monitoring and Apps for a smart living, along with Voice control over Amazon Echo. The system works on HA Profile Platform (as per the worldwide standards) allowing the user to integrate the panels with any existing or new controllers.

" Being a retrofit solution which doesn’t need any special wiring, Digilux can be deployed to automate any existing homes without any additional wiring "

Exclusiveness of Digilux
Digilux is the brainchild of a fine technical team that has ensured the usage of the best of components and chipsets. The product undergoes a series of testing before the actual launch. Digilux Panels boast of a capacitive touch interface with a back LED display. Being a retrofit solution which doesn’t need any special wiring, Digilux can be deployed to automate any existing homes without any additional wiring. This easy-to-install-and-operate capability ensures a comfortable decision making experience for customers considering automating their home. The three key essentials of Digilux strong architecture of the product, aesthetic appeal and easy to install factor has uplifted Digilux in the swarming market of home automation products. Particularly, the Indian market, that has a mainstream problem of uneven power conditions and hesitant cost-conscious consumers, is well taken care of by Digilux. With Digilux, the team has calibrated the best of components keeping in mind the Indian power and surge conditions and other operational factors. Besides, the setup is designed and priced at a considerably average budget. To be specific, a typical home can be automated with Digilux for anywhere between 1-3 lakhs.

The team for Digilux is looking forward o further simplifying the home automation experience. In the few months to come, most modules will be in DIY category of installation, enabling any electrical technician to do the installation of the systems. With so much going around in the home automation market, Digilux has achieved their share of recognition through a robust & high end product and are hopeful to continue contributing to the domain.