Dwosa Automation: From Office Space to the Leisure Space

Anshul Jindal, Co-Founder
GauravKansal, Founder&CEO

For decades, consumers have had access to remote controls and home control panels to run an ‘automated’ home. Unfortunately, simply connecting an appliance or device to the web so it can be controlled by a smartphone, tablet or laptop is not creating a smart device. A smart device needs to be intelligent - it needs to be able to learn and/or take independent action. Calibrating and putting in the 'smartness' in every possible domestic automatable environment, Bangalore headquartered DWOSA Automation is a team of highly qualified young entrepreneurs carrying a decade long experience in designing, technical, marketing and management. Ever since its inception in 2016, the company has been implementing futuristic designs & automated solutions in India to bring about a societal change closer to sophisticated living. DWOSA’s end–to-end office & home automation solution includes security, lighting control, sensors, multi-room audio/video, door /gate /window/skylight automation, temperature & moisture control etc.

Having realized that the business’ initial launch years will be in the southern geography of India, the two young aspiring entrepreneurs chose Dosa (the traditional south Indian delicacy) as their venture’s name. To add the uniqueness, the duo added a ‘W’ to make it DWOSA, eventually to be expanded as ‘Dynamic World Of Security & Automation’.

“We do not just sell office or home automation products; we create experiences for our customers using high quality products at affordable cost. Rather than just making a home Smart, we believe in making future ready homes. All of our products & solutions are tested first by our team before we offer it our customer and we do not compromise with quality in order to retain interest of customer in low cost products. If I personally do not want to use any product at my home due to its poor quality, I do not want to offer the same product to our customer”- explains Gaurav Kansal, Founder & CEO at DWOSA Automation.

Three fold Operation Model
DWOSA operates via 3 different verticals- Automation, Ambience Designing and professional audio/ video.

Automation includes Office & Home automation, Security, Surveillance and Smart water meters. Looking at the Later scarcity in India, it is imperative to measure & control the water usage and apartments have started saving upto 30 percent on their water usage. It gives option to cut down water supply automatically in case of leakage or through mobile application. Each user can see real-time or historical data, with an option of automated monthly invoice in email.

Ambience designing includes mood lightings for office & home, software controlled pixel or kinetic lightings for pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels,& malls, and privacy control using Smart Glass Film. Glass projection film for showrooms, offices, stretch ceiling lights & home theatre designing are similar other offerings under the ambience designing arena.

Smart lighting solution by DWOSA gives flexibility to have warm white, natural white or multi-color lights in a single panel light for better control of ambience lighting, based upon the taste of different user in the house or office. It effectively saves money on installation of multiple lights to achieve different ambiance. DWOSA has a team of graffiti artists known as 'Kalakarah' which includes seasoned professionals, who have expertise in hand painting on indoor or outdoor walls - size doesn’t matter. In no time, their art-work is being appreciated all over India by various celebrities, media, government, residential and commercial clients.

DWOSA also share a part of their focus on professional audio-video solutions for home theatre, cinema halls, hotels, pubs, bars, schools, place of worship, and music concerts. The company also facilitates professional projectors, combined with automation, for the above stated segments.

Further, in line with DWOSA's vision to become a one stop shop for the customer, the company has entered tie ups with few Interior Designers and Architects. “We have capabilities to take turn key projects. We have all the necessary offerings for a customer who has bought a villa plot and wants one single point of contact for construction of his dream house, interiors and automation”, explains Gaurav.

Fibaro Powered Office/Home Automation
Many integrators choose to rely on Z-Wave-based systems for their residential and commercial customers, and that number is growing larger every day. This latest protocol in the office & home automation industry promises to allow futuristic homes come alive, and the Z-Wave is allowing mainstream consumers to enjoy smart homes. Fibaro’s wireless, retrofit, scalable and cost effective solution can be installed within 1-2 hours for basic automation, without need of additional cabling or changing any switch /lights /home appliances.
To a large extent, Fibaro solution is capable of making hybrid protocol solution for the customer, without proposing the need for multiple mobile applications for different products.

"As A Part Of Dwosa’s Ambiance Designing Business Division Offering, Focus Is Laid On Better Experience For Customer In The Office, Living Or Home Theatre Room"

Watering of plants has always been issue for frequent travellers or plantation spread across huge area. With Automated watering solution, DWOSA can enable users to give water automatically to the plants at a particular time or just by tapping a button in mobile application.

Integration of Fibaro with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home Kit is seamless and users can have extended capabilities to control entire office/house using voice command. Besides, DWOSA has developed lot of solutions to integrate cross-protocol products, using which the company creates unmatchable experience for the customers.

Ambience Designing - Setting the Right Mood
As a part of DWOSA’s Ambiance Designing business division offering, focus is laid on better experience for customer in the office, living or home theatre room. The automation provider makes cost effective and super premium Home and Cinema customized recliners. DWOSA carefully pays heed to their clients’ requirements and designs the recliner solution fitting their expectations on point. The company also designs and builds recliners in Fabric, which is more comfortable than leather recliners. Customer can choose any colour, shape, size, design, features to make it a perfect fit for their place. To further spice up the comfort levels, DWOSA promises to add any number of accessories in recliners like USB mobile charging point, lamp for book reading, folding table, back massager, snacks and cup holder, storage for books/remotes, and multimedia remote etc.

DWOSA also doubled up their ambience game with Smart Switchable Glass Film. Smart Glass Film can manage transparency instantly in response to user demand for seclusion, privacy or confidentiality without compromising light transmission. User just turns the Smart Glass Film ‘on’ for transparent glass and ‘off’ for opaque glass within a second by a remote. It blocks 99 percent UV rays and heat also, which effectively can bring down the cost of running AC in office or home upto 35 percent. Because of the ease of installation and use, Smart Privacy Glass Film is becoming increasingly popular in the market; a larger portion of the credit goes to DWOSA Automation.

DWOSA has done partnership with US based company Touchjet Inc. and has become the National Distributor in India for Touchjet range of products. Touchjet Wave turns any non-smart LED/LCD TV into touch screen giant android tablet and smart TV.

The growing popularity of smart homes has supplemented market growth as smart TVs help in enhancing the content viewing experience. As the home entertainment sector is paving its way in smart homes, the market is expected to witness increased demand over the next nine years. Large screen televisions are expected to capture substantial share fuelled by rising consmer aspirations and affordable price ponts. Given the cost perspective of smart TVs, several moderate income generators don’t find this luxury as their cup of tea. However, turning the tables here, DWOSA ensures that customers do not need to replace their old non-smart TVs to buy a smart TV.

Instead, the company enables a touch screen option, making the existing TV/monitor more interactive. Lot of corporates, and schools feel like highlighting text, numbers, images, zoom by touching the screen and Touchjet makes all that possible and these are few of the many instances portraying the vast possibilities of having a touch screen TV.

The Technology Pillar in Corporate Leisure Segment
In the professional audio/video solutions domain, the word ‘professional’ has drawn a lot of frowns amongst customers actively involved in the show biz business. 'Professional' is directly associated with the brand power. Entertainers or Media enthusiasts stick to the professional equipments to avoid any embarrassment when in action. DWOSA Automation is an authorized partner of OHM thereby enabling world class professional sound solution. OHM is a premium, luxury, boutique brand exclusively available through OHM’s partner network. OHM is England based company and a leading manufacturer of professional sound systems.

DWOSA rely on OHM proaudiosystem, as OHM team understands the demands of multi kilowatt systems for the large-scale live performance events or audio requirements of the boardroom or home theatre and therefore puts forth products to meet the need of all the segments. OHM also has an increasingly enviable reputation in the dance market sector, where sound is undeniably the most critical factor for success. Today’s corporate leisure client demands not only rely on dynamic sound but also on elegant looks and a consistent style line throughout the whole venue. OHM strives to meet these demands, from the background to foreground, regardless. The applications may be different, but the design criteria remain the same. “We feel proud to have association with OHM when we get amazing feedback from our customers about sound quality of OHM”, adds Anshul Jindal, Co- Founder at DWOSA Automation.

Having entered a joint venture with a few Interior Designers, Architects, all major Automation OEMs and launching their own branded products, DWOSA is a step closer to capturing a huge market share in the home automation domain and become a one stop shop for the customers. The automation provider has established an experience center on Sarjapur road, Bangalore and as part of their expansion plan, DWOSA is going to open 100+ Franchise Experience Centers across the Indian subcontinent and overall 10000+ such experience centers overseas. With such initiatives and product line, DWOSA shows a promising a future for the home and office automation domain. Thankfully, the leaders in DWOSA have not yet fret and are on a spree to revolutionize this automation demand culture.