iMonitor Solutions: Walking with the Pacesetters in Smart Homes

Home Automation is entering a new phase in the Adoption Cycle. With launch of wireless speakers by Amazon and Google and consequent use of voice commands, it seems to have reached the tipping point. It is estimated that the smart homes solutions market in India is likely to grow at 42 percent YOY. The market is, therefore, predicted to explode over the next few years. Spreading its multitudes of offerings in smart homes, Bangalore based company, iMonitor Solutions, creates innovative solutions for emerging life style requirements using IOT technologies.

Experts believe that security, con¬venience and energy efficiency are spurring the growth of smart homes in India. The growing proportion of working people has necessitated a need to stay connected to the home even when away. Once hailed as the domain of the super-rich, today most customers seek smart homes in some form or the other. Therein, iMonitor is aiming to make life more secure, convenient, and comfortable with its customized connected devices and focus on emerging IOT technologies not only for the homes but commercial premises, communities and cities.

Products Meeting Infrastructure Challenges
After development of smart home concept in Chicago, iMonitor soon realized the potential of smart home market back in India. India company was established and its R&D shifted to Bangalore for design, development and manufacturing in India. The company continues to have a global perspective and launch its products in other countries. It, therefore, ensures compliance with global quality and feature requirements for all its offerings.

Compared to developed countries, in India, there are vast difference between infrastructure capabilities and stability of internet, power, and several other factors, such as electrical noise(AC harmonics), poor electrical installation practices and fluctuating broadband speeds. These necessitated a complete new approach in design of the devices for robust and stable performance in India. iMonitor has recently launched its powerful 4th generation product series capable of handling all these varied infrastructure conditions with selective self-healing capability.

Girsh Gaur, CEO

" iMonitor is aiming to make life more secure, convenient, and comfortable with its customized connected devices"

iMonitor is proud of a newly launched best-in-class Zing Controller, the ‘brain’ installed in the premises. It is the size of a visiting card (pluggable in any electrical socket) and manages and controls all devices in the premises. Today it has the intelligence to learn all instructions of the users. Future versions will progressively build-in Artificial Intelligence capability so that it ‘self-learns’ the requirements of the users.

The Way Forward
In the IOT world, the pace of innovation is very high. New solutions and services will be introduced at a faster speed. Hence, the current solutions need to be designed for products and services that are not even ‘invented’ yet. Even as new services come in, the users will want personalized automation with all the services managed from one app or user interface. iMonitor Solutions’ CEO , Girish Gaur , asserts innovation is a part of their company’s DNA. He acknowledges that redesigning the products developed in Chicago to suit Indian conditions has been tough but very educative and rewarding. He now recognizes “what works in other countries will not necessarily work in India but what works in India will work in other countries”.

iMonitor is very sensitive to ensuring customers privacy and sanctity of data. Background of the founders in the Telecom industry helped in designing a very secure communication path with more than mere encryption of data.