Smart Homes: Automation Architects; Automating Homes and Lives

Pratik Singhal, Founder& Director

Racing towards Industry 4.0, India is rapidly changing the automation landscape every day. More and more industries have moved to automation for sustainable manufacturing, production, and achieve maximum efficiency. Not limiting the efforts in automating factories and processes, the concept of home automation or ‘smart homes’ is also rapidly gaining popularity in the Indian market. Estimated to constitute about 1 to 5 percent of the home cost, the home automation products’ market is billed at around USD 4.65 billion by 2022. Playing an active role in the rising economy of smart products, Pune headquartered Smart Homes has been delivering a plethora of varied range of ISO certified home automation and security products. Smart Homes offers easy-to-use source for an assortment of lighting, security, and home entertainment products striving to deliver cutting-edge products while being cost effective.

From home automation to commercial automation, Smart Homes ensures to offer a completely customized home automation experience. Lighting automation, audio/video controls, motorized gates, home theatre, access control, and water control are some of the aspects of luxury that Smart Homes has taken care of. Contrary to popular belief that automation defines luxury and is not a cup of tea for the middle class, Smart Homes turns the table putting the word out that automation can be both, luxury and affordable. Pratik's vision is to make Automation a part of our daily life.
Automating Homes for Everyone,Everywhere
With 60 percent of market share in home automation sector dedicated to individual homes and villas, service providers are quickly adapting and integrating their products and services with IoT and AI to provide unique customer experience. Smart Homes possesses the expertise to equip home automation with individual choice and taste, keeping the security and energy efficiency at the helm. One such instance seen is in a villa in Doha, Qatar- a smart home designed to induct automation, security, and grandeur.

"Smart Homes possesses the expertise to equip home automation with individual choice and taste, keeping the security and energy efficiency at the helm"

Additionally, Smart Homes has devised an Intricate building management software to manage, notify, and provide several tiers of security. Advancement in security and surveillance has been kept intact as the core element of automation. Smart Homes combines security and video management through software development. Next to home automation, security and automation have risen as great components in commercial spaces, hospitality segment,and other such sectors. Smart Homes is bringing in the renewed and rebooted software-centric adoptions, necessitating security and access systems. These renewed and updated technology meant for cutting-edge innovations are continuously fed by seminars, exhibitions, and trainings.

Featuring Customized Automation
Smart Homes in its long term vision perceives to establish itself as one of the primary automation architects in India and overseas. From designing resorts in Goa to hotels in Pune, Smart Homes is all set to expand itself to various sectors spanning hospitality segment, corporate, and other such projects. With the vision of delivering automation per se across all verticals, Smart Homes is tenaciously establishing itself as ‘The Automation Architect’ in smart home tide.