SpikingNet: Unlocking Value, Security and Automation in Homes

Vikas Singh, Co-Founder & Director
Technically, a Smart Home is the one that incorporates advanced sensing and automation systems to the inhabitants to monitor and control houses regardless of whether they are inside or outside the home. SpikingNet Technologies works with motto of ‘ease of usage’and‘affordable solution’provider to IoT space. It makes connected devices and appliances intelligent enough to take local decisions. This makes system simple and faster to connect devices within home. These two technologies of local connectivity and also enabling the connectivity on the move through internet work seamlessly using efficient MESH connectivity techniques of wireless network. The Vision of SpikingNet Technologies is to extend the cost effective and secured IoT device with data analytics built-in to enable user analyze their power bill and optimize appliances usage, identify and have power in efficient appliances replacement decisions.

Noida based company, SpikingNet, empowers the house owners in fulfilling their comfort, automation, and security, with automated light system enabled through their own mobile and wireless information technology. SpikingNet specializes in communication equipment extending land line connectivity on mobile phone solving the issue of low signal strength, ease of connectivity and extending mobile for home network usage. As office user, it brings in EPABX extension on user mobile. SpikingNet enables wireless technology for food chain and tagging mechanism for easy trackability and parametric control of the items while the items are in commercial space or on transit. Established in 2010, SpikingNet delivers intelligent hardware and software for home, commercial or consumer use and offers support to integrate the products.

Home of Controls and Connections
Unlike the inexpensive technology like setting up a light to turn on
and off at whim, and investment oriented expensive advanced surveillance cameras with motion detection, SpikingNet. SpikingNet effectuates simple and inexpensive products and devices that remotely control and automate the appliances with intelligence. Besides these, the company takes the scope of automation forward with connected devices using IoT, M2M, and Machine learning. The share of computers (including PCs, tablets, M2M/IoT Enablement in Smart Homes) will be around 17 percent of all internet connections by 2020, while 83 percent will result from devices to be used in various verticals of IoT domain. SpikingNet has taken a complete wireless approach. The approach encompasses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Networking system and more recently NBIOT through laptop, computer, and mobile based applications.

" The Vision of SpikingNet technology is to extend the cost effective and secured IoT device"

Due to cost, privacy concerns, worries about security breaches, and a lack of products in the market, devices, and applications mitigating security are perceived as elusive and complex to operate. Well-positioned in the market for several years to provide critical services at lower costs, SpikingNet takes security aspect a notch higher. Herein, SpikingNet emphasizes the networking alternatives through local networks and cloud. The servers for the cloud storage and security networks are provided by the company itself to mitigate the issues of cost, security breaches and integration with other operators.

Rise of High-Potential Industry
The major drivers for the growth of Home Automation in the Indian market are security, convenience, and energy efficiency that are greatly restricted to a stratum of people with higher income. Surpassing this restriction, SpikingNet is venturing for open source technologies and universal networking which are increasingly rising up as a gateway for a full home automation. With such innovative automation systems and advanced connected securities, SpikingNet endeav ours to bring smart home not only for connectivity but analytics to every individual for easier and seamless integration and take decision for efficient & connected smart home.