alertcom labs: Making Smart Living A Reality

CIO Vendor In the present times, when every conceivable gadget is getting upgraded to a “Smart Device”, the homes and buildings too are expected to uphold that trend. In fact, homes must indeed be in the forefront of the smart technology graph since they are the most important and expensive “device” that a person would acquire in his/her lifetime. How can it not be smart?

The trend that we see in the housing market with respect to the modern technology is that people have become more aware of the need for the simple brick and mortar building to be more responsive and alive. They are seeing the benefits of turning on or off an electric gadget by simple gestures or voice commands. They want their bed-room AC to be set at their own customized comfort level at the trigger of a voice command. The drab and boring mechanical switches are giving way rapidly to touch sensitive keypads and screens that look more graphically alive and appealing. The advent of IoT has taken this trend further, making it possible to accommodate even the very personal customization of consumer device integration into the realm of automation. In summary, the expectations of homeowners have leap-frogged several times in the current digital era, hugely challenging the traditional processes and technologies of the Original Equipment Manufacturers as well as the Automation Solution providers and System Integration companies.

The Bangalore-based Alertcom Labs is well prepared to meet the above challenges. Alertcom Labs is one of the fastest growing automation solution providers in South India. They provide customized end-to-end automation solutions. Right from the inception, the company has consistently taken the stand of predominantly using only open standard protocols in their solutions. Although it was a bold business move with huge uncertainty over the returns, Alertcom Labs stood by this philosophy throughout and it has now started to pay dividends. In today’s dynamic scenario, the customers are seeing the value of not being tied to a proprietary system and equipment – in fact, they do not want to be even tied to a System Integrator!

The other way by which the open protocol system has helped the business is by its adaptability to newer ideas and devices. In the fast-changing world of IoT, newer and newer ideas and devices are being introduced. No single
company has the full set of devices to fulfill the enhanced expectations of the customer. No single company has the full knowhow, too. In this challenging scenario, the ability to quickly integrate newer and diverse devices is the only mantra that would succeed. This would absolutely need the use of open protocols and generic APIs, JS Scripts and SDKs. Since Alertcom Labs was in the forefront of this methodology right from the beginning, the company is amply equipped to take up this challenge head-on.

Alertcom Labs is one of the fastest growing automation solution providers in South India. They provide customized end-to-end automation solutions.

Alertcom Labs provides end-to-end customized solutions for homes and buildings covering the traditional automation requirements for electrical devices, security, communication, resource management and energy/water efficiency. The company has expertise in building automation systems using KNX, TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, GRMS, etc and offers both wired and wireless solutions. Alertcom Labs has built strong technical teams at multiple sites in Kerala and Karnataka for installation, testing, commissioning and support. These teams are constantly trained to upgrade their skills and improve the quality of work. Since the company uses only well-tested and certified devices from reputed manufacturers in Asia, Europe and the US, the reliability of the basic devices and equipment is guaranteed and the trained support workforce at Alertcom Labs ensures complete peace of mind.

Alertcom Labs is not only providing complete home automation solutions but is investing in development of AI and IoT systems that covers automaton as well as other applications. Some of these systems will use high end analytics and data crunching algorithms to efficiently monitor and manage use case scenarios.

“We are currently working on multiple high-value residential projects in South India. We expect these to occupy most of 2019-20. We have recently forayed into the hospitality sector where we are working with a few top hotel brands and consultants. We plan to diversify into other sectors like commercial and hospital space this year and a few potential projects have been identified. We also plan to diversify geographically to other areas including Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh,” says Suresh Purayat, Director, Alertcom Labs.