Babbler Group: Redefining Home Automation With Customized Solutions

CIO Vendor The global home automation market is projected to reach USD 81,645 million by 2023. Increase in awareness for efficient use of energy and resources, resulting in a healthier environment, rise in electricity prices, and technological advancements are expected to drive the home automation market growth. Moreover, increase in safety and security concerns, and increase in adoption of automated services is expected to provide lucrative opportunities for the global home automation market. Since home automation systems are all about utilizing advanced technologies to make life style better, home automation solution providers today passionately build the smart interface systems with an intention to make it sophisticated, easy to use, energy efficient and also ensure that it is scalable and can be integrated with other services.

We promise to deliver the best-in-class automation at the given time frame and would be better than the best of the existing luxury homes

Today, customers are looking for solution partners who are reliable and skilled in the Home Automation space. Since customers have built their dream houses by investing large amounts of money, they are looking for high level smart home interfaces that would help them in controlling the home automation seamlessly. This is where Babbler Group, a Bangalore based company with an all India footprint, comes into the picture with its Home Automation solutions. The company has built smart home interfaces for uber luxury villas, Villaments, signature apartments, luxury resorts and hotels rooms covering approximately 10 million square feet across the country.

User Friendly Solutions
What differentiates Babbler from the rest is the way it operates in providing the solution and the approach it takes to help clients achieve their design vision. Firstly, the senior management team of the company meets its clients directly and understands their requirement in order to provide complete and customized solutions. After the requirement gathering phase, Babbler gets its team to work on not only providing utilitarian solutions but also solutions that are innovative and user friendly as well.

“We are design conscious, customer centric and build solutions for the future. This is made possible as we look into the details of the client’s requirements at every stage of the project’s lifecycle through our performance verification guide that has been developed over the years,” begins Sanjay Panjwani, Managing Director, Babbler Group. “We position ourselves as a knowledgeable integrator with global partnerships; our association with the best consultants combined with a decade of experience in this segment gives us an edge to create a home that has the latest technology at the constructed time. Technology that is able to teach itself can endlessly surprise us with its apparent creativity to understand us,” he adds.

Babbler provides innovative and economical AV consulting, AV designs, Light Management Controls, System Security and Automation Solutions and Services. “We handle the complete process of providing home automation solutions right from design to the deployment phase, with a well defined custom integration process,” says Arvind Koopat, Head - Sales Effectiveness & Large Projects.

Seamless Control
When it comes to multiple layers of home automation such as multi room music, lighting controls, curtain control, door communication, appliance and thermostat control, monitoring the air quality inside homes, sharing or playing your music and movies anywhere in your home, home automation solution providers have to carefully look into these requirements and decide on how to provide single solution that would help in controlling all these factors, which is unfortunately not an easy task. Taking these factors into considerations, Babbler Group has designed a simple and user-friendly GUI for iPad and mobile phone users that allow them to seamlessly control various devices that are integrated with the home automation systems. Moreover, through this user interface the client can check the surveillance cameras; receive notifications if there are any intrusions as well. This system is designed in such a way that it involves very little human interaction.

“We do not look at homes as brick and mortar rather we visualize them as luxury assistant that follows its owner,” begins Dinesh Kumar, Residential Head, Babbler Group. “In order to turn this into reality, our design team does a lot of detailing in creating a framework that lets multiple devices that are integrated in the system to communicate with each other,” he adds.

Babbler has put in a lot of effort to ensure that the client has complete access and control over the devices, integrated with the automation system from anywhere. Through the GUI that is built by the team, one can view all cameras, and also check if any devices or services are left on unnecessarily. And if there is an unfortunate intrusion, the home owner will immediately receive an alert on his phone.

Unique Energy and Shades Management
“We control HVAC through IP or backnet protocol as most of our customers require intelligent control - air conditioning can be integrated to be operated through the keypad, custom mobile Interface, voice commands or even gesture controls. Or they can relax as Babbler’s interface will remember their favourite settings, understand their comfort level and do the rest for them," says Dinesh..

This goes well for the curtains too, be it a rollers blinds, roman shades or drapery. They can open, close or stop moving as you command either
through touch or voice commands.

Planning the Right System
Babbler Group provides professional and affordable home theatre solutions and specializes in converting any room of the house into perfect venues for watching sports, films and TV shows to enjoy surround sound with family and friends.

"Our association with the best consultants combined with a decade of experience in this segment gives us an edge to create a home that has the latest technology at the constructed time"

The AV specialists of the company help the clients in planning the right system for the rooms with quality work and exceptional customer service.

“We promise to deliver the best-in-class automation at the given time frame and would be better than the best of the existing luxury homes,” says Dinesh.

“This becomes possible for us with evolving technology and our insight into the release of new products,” he adds.

“We are currently working on over 1 million sq. feet of collaborative workspaces across the country which includes audiovisual services, lighting management and IT services”

Augmenting workspace productivity through IT management solutions
The global market value of flexible workspaces is estimated at an approximate USD 26 billion, with an estimated 30000 flexible workspaces around the world today. These statistics and more like them prove that flexible workspace has become the workplace of choice. However, starting a shared workspace will require capital outlay at the beginning in some areas that cannot be skipped, but when it comes to workspace technology, it is a pillar that every business must make an investment in. Therefore, internet infrastructure is the most essential service that should be given great importance in any coworking space as the co-workers rely on the workspace technology to complete their tasks.

Therefore, before construction begins on the workspace, it is highly crucial to partner with a technology company that can advise on all the IT infrastructure needs. “Since mismanaged IT can be a major roadblock in the functioning of any organization. These issues can be handled easily by the Babbler team,” says their IT head Sudhir Shirsath. By outsourcing IT management to Babbler, organizations can focus their time and energy on their core products or services. The engineering team at Babbler is a diverse collection of engineers who have worked on multiple LAN/WAN, structured cabling and server room management solutions. They are capable of handling challenges ranging from cable management to managing rules for multi-layered firewall. Babbler has partnered with multiple OEMs for providing optimal solutions to its customers and most importantly, every solution provided by the company is unique and is tailored according to the requirements of its customers.

Babbler Group is a multi-vertical organization with specialization to create AV distribution and control, End-to-End IT services related to data, voice, Wi-Fi, and firewall management. The company also provides lighting, access control, surveillance for any commercial facility. All services can be integrated to BMS as well. Babbler has separate teams for managing IT, AV and Lighting Management solutions. These engineering teams headed by Sudhir Shirsath, Akhil Paul and Karthik V respectively do not work in silos but in tandem with each other making sure that the customer’s requirements are met.

“We are currently working on over 1 million sq. feet of collaborative workspaces across the country which includes audiovisual services, lighting management and IT services. A majority of our on-going projects are with India’s leading workspace providers,” concludes Sanjay.

Intelligent Home Owners Are Adopting The Best Technologies To Make Them Smarter
As Sanjay, Babbler’s MD points out squarely - “Home automation is not just about delivering the latest technology, the most expensive products and gadgets money can buy but it’s all about the user experience by bringing together the best technology to work reliably and seamlessly with each other on a platform that can be controlled in a way which best allows the owners to communicate in a way they desire, be it a keypad or mobile or voice or gesture.” And when this all comes about words of appreciation flow as Manjunath, proud owner of the sprawling Uber luxury home “Bliss” avowedly states:

“Babbler has made our dream come true by providing total automation, Home theatre etc experience. I would like to thank each and everyone involved in my home “Bliss” - Aravind, Melvin, Karthik, Dinesh etc.”

“This project needed a lot of hard work, co-ordination and dedication; Babbler did it all successfully in time and completed it very competently working in tandem with international ID team (TID Singapore). Looking forward to work together with Sanjay and team Babbler.”

Intelligently Designed Collaborative Workspace
Renowned as a booming business hub, WeWork’s modern office space in Raheja Platinum offers a creative oasis for entrepreneurs. The audio visual services for this intelligently designed collaborative workspace with beautiful private offices and generous conference rooms in each floor was developed and delivered by Babbler Group. Additional amenities including a dedicated game room, an inviting outdoor space and onsite fitness centre truly sets this coworking office apart. “I would like to appreciate the team for timely and quality delivery of the WeWork Raheja Platinum project,” begins Zoheb Sharieef, ICT Engineer from WeWork – a client of Babbler Group. “Kudos to all the members of Babbler who were there with us right from the initial stage of design till the project installation. Thanks to Avinash, Akhil, Sharbaiah, Santosh and Sunil for all the efforts and late-night works that made us achieve our desire,” he adds. “Special thanks to Devendaran for leading the project with great transparency and executing the AV works on time for this massive building, with quality. Thanks on behalf of WeWork, looking forward to do many more projects with this wonderful team,” concludes Zoheb.