Mahavir Sound Room: Home Automation Redefined With User Friendly Solutions

CIO Vendor Home automation has really stretched the boundaries in the context of smart living with devices and appliances which can be networked together to provide us with seamless control over all aspects of our home and more. Home automation has its roots in smart home appliances which has over the years led to the development of Integrated smart homes. The Indian Home Automation market is expected to grow to more than INR 55,000 Crore by 2024. Although at present, it is limited to metro cities only, this market has great potential in tier 1 and tier 2 cities too. However, with all its advantages, the market does face integration problems and the common people are still not confident over the idea of smart homes due to difficulty in usage and lack of knowledge of the technology. Improper communication, incompatibility between the interfacing devices and software glitches are also some common problems that hinder the growth of this industry.

Looking to address these challenges, Mahavir Sound Room (MSR) offers total integrated solutions in highend automation, along with Luxury Home Cinema and Luxury Gadgets. Designing the entire technology for luxury homes, MSR ensures that everything blends together, where Technology complements Luxury. The company is a complete solutions provider of – control automation, audio video distribution, lighting automation, curtain control, AC control, security systems, access controls and Wi-Fi networked
under one roof. Talking about Mahavir Sound Room’s approach to Home Automation, Jaleel Sabir, the Founder of the company, says, “The best thing is, making it so user friendly that even a child or a grandparent in the house can use it.”

A good automation system is one which is easily understood by the end user in not more than 10 minutes

Luxury Home Cinema
MSR believes that their Home Cinema is a world beyond the Home Theater, with signature decors, crystal clear picture quality and world class immersive sound systems. They can customize and automate almost anything to create “Ultra comfort” as “Ultra Control” for the next generation Homes. Imagine being able to adjust room lighting, temperature, curtains, windows and doors at the touch of a button, aesthetically designed to reflect your lifestyle. They also provide a wide range of customized seating solutions from Germany, Italy, and India with chillers, usb chargers, lamps, pull out tables....and the list goes on... The possibilities are limitless @ MSR.

MSR has a 5000 square feet Experience Lounge, in the heart of the city, where clients get to experience Smart Home Solutions, seamless integration of Technology and Design and the simplicity and perfection of it all. Jaleel Sabir adds on, saying “A good automation system is one which is easily understood by the end user in not more than 10 minutes.”